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I designed the AURA hoops after learning how to flamework in borosilicate glass. The process was entirely new and exciting to me: a meditative, dynamic practice of watching the glass flow and react to an ever-burning flame. I could mix colors and explore new forms.

A pile of Aura hoops in different sizes and colors

When I cut stones, the material is my collaborator - the colors develop over millions of years of formation, and my job as an artist is to make choices about how best to show it off. Like waves eroding a cliffside, I peel away the years to reveal a snapshot of the geological record.

These earrings are a meeting of opposing elements: cool, eroding water; transformative flame; and grounding earth. This collection intends these opposites to speak to each other, and together they create a harmony that comes to life on the body.

The Process:

It always starts with stones: I choose based on the vibrant color or unique pattern.

I grind and polish each stone by hand to reveal its character. This machine uses water to keep the stones cool and prevent dust.

moving image of jewelry designer using a Diamond Pacific Genie machine to grind a rough piece of stone

Then, I melt the glass and mix colors at the torch based on what will complement or contrast with the stone. Most of my glass work takes place at the incredible studios of UrbanGlass in Downtown Brooklyn. (Octave Jewelry is also carried at UrbanGlass Ware, their gallery on Fulton street).

moving image of me at a torch, flameworking borosilicate glass at UrbanGlass

Then I combine all these elements in hand-fabricated sterling silver in my Brooklyn studio.

Et voilà! A lot of care goes into each pair of Octave earrings. Shop the AURA collection HERE, and check out the rest of the collection HERE.


Cover image by Hannah Rosa Lewis-Lopes.